HRV Owner Mr Derek Brent and wife Ada

Tuesday, 14 March 2017 11:39
There is little wonder why your dealership was adjudged “dealer of the year in 2014” and, “overall Winner of Dealer of the year in 2015”.When one has the pleasure of meeting people like yourselves who are really caring in trying to establish the best needs for a client it is absolutely fantastic. Our sincere thanks to the whole new car team being kevin, jo-ann and nicky all whom we had personal dealings with.Once again, thank you for your kind and professional service and, of course, for ada’s lovely flowers!Kind RegardsDerek and Ada Brent

CRV owner Mr Dicks

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 11:39
Good afternoon Jo-ann / Stefan / KarenMyself and Emsie would like to thank all three off you for the best service we ever experienced in Richardsbay. When we decided to shop around for a new car, we started off by visiting a string of dealerships and to be honest we dealt at one dealership with the owner himself and to date no call back from him. Another big dealership in Alton also did not call us back to say how the deal went. We ended up reluctantly by the Honda dealership as I’m no Honda fan ( till now )…