Tangawizi Motors

About Tangawizi Motors

Tangawizi Motors is a privately owned company. The directors and joint owners are Eddie Reid (Managing) and Peter Cleary.

The company was started in 1999 when it obtained the Daihatsu franchise from Associated Motor Holdings. This was followed in short order by Renault and Hyundai.

Peter Cleary bought out his former partner in 2007 and in the same year changed the name from DAU Motor Holdings to Tangawizi Motors and acquired the Honda franchise.

One of the aspects of the name change was the development of an image for the company seen in the typeface and layout of the name, the Gingerbread man and the pay-off line Run, run as fast as you can.

The company attempts to live up to three promises to our customers and ourselves;
  • I will always smile and greet our customers before they greet me.
  • My first response to a customer request will never be no.
  • I will treat all colleagues and customers with respect and integrity.

These promises seem to be paying dividends in that our customer satisfaction ratings are always in the highest 10% for all of our franchises and the company was the biggest seller of new cars in Zululand in 2017, capturing 22% of the car market. The company has been rated the best Honda dealer in the country for the last three years. Other accolades include being awarded the second best independent Hyundai dealer of 2017.

We employ 76 people, and on annual basis sell over 1000 new and used vehicles and service over 12000 vehicles.

(If you wish to read more about the acquisitions of our franchises, and the naming of the company, click on this link to Peter Cleary’s autobiography Run, run as fast as you can, or go to the website www.peterclearybooks.co.za)